running out of disk space on server due to increasing system vol information


Windows 2003 Enteprise R2 with SP2 Server. The E drive hosts exchange database mount points
Running out of disk space and found out the System Volume Information folder is the culprit. Trying to access it gives access denied error
VSS snap points were created on multiple volumes. System has handle on these VSS volumes and as such the files can’t be deleted
Unhide system folders. give your account full rights to the system volume information folder
1. Right-Click the volume drive letter where the large System Volume
Information folder is located.

2. From the shortcut menu, click “Shadow Copies”.

3. Choose the volume, ensure that it’s disabled, and click on settings

4. Set the Maximum size: field to “Use Limit:” and insert something like
300MB and click OK

5. Click Disable to disable Shadow Copies on the volume. You will be warned

“deleting existing shadow copies, etc.”, Click Yes.

6. Click Ok to close out of the properties dialog for the volume. Click yes if prompted to delete existing shadow copies


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