SSL Root Certificate Errors with Ent 2008 and Microsoft Exchange.

Working around SSL Root Certificate Errors with Entourage 2008 and Microsoft Exchange.

The following process will show how to set up SSL Certificate as digital ID so that you can avoid SSL “root certificate error.”
Installing the Certificate as a Digital ID

1. Open the application called “Microsoft Cert Manager” located in the Office folder inside your Microsoft Office 2008 folder:

2. Import the Exchange Server certificate. No passphrase is required. Click on Import.
3. Now everything should just work when you create your Exchange Account and choose “Use SSL for these Servers” during the Entourage Setup Assistant:
4. Make sure you check the “DAV Service requires SSL” in the “Advanced” account settings for your Exchange user. If you still get the “root certificate error” when starting Entourage, don’t forget to delete the “OfficeSync Prefs” located in your home directory’s Library/Preferences folder and re-launch Entourage.

Congratulations. You are now done. Please test Entourage to make sure the certificate errors are completely gone. 

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