Sending on Behalf Permission for a Resource Room

Create a Outlook profile for the Resource room(s).

1. Click on Start

2. Scroll to Control Panel
3. Click on Mail
4. Click on Show Profiles
5. Uncheck the Prompt for a profile to be used
6. Click on Add and use the name of the resource room
7. Click ok
8. Put a check in the Manually configure server settings or additional server types
9. click Microsoft Exchange
10. Uncheck Using as Cache Exchange Mode
11. Put in the correct server in the Microsoft Exchange    Server box
12. In the User Name field put in the Resource room name and check name
13. Click Next
14. Click Finish

Open the resource room from the drop down room

1. Click on Tool

2. Scroll down to Options
3. Click on the Delegates tab
4. Click Add to add your name
5. Give yourself Editor permissions for the calendar and   Inbox


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