Running Exmerge from Windows XP SP2

According to Microsoft’s website, Exmerge tool is used to extract data from mailboxes on a Microsoft Exchange Server and then merge this data into mailboxes on another Microsoft Exchange Server. The program copies data from the source server into Personal Folders (.PST files) and then merges the data, in the Personal Folders, into mailboxes on the destination server.
steps to install exmerge on windows xp with sp2
1. Install the Exchange 2003 System Management Tools from exchange 2003 cd
2. download exmerge from:
3. Install Exmerge
4. Configure permissions on the database by using this powershell command:
Get-MailboxDatabase -identity “servernameFirst Storage GroupMailbox Database” | Add-ADPermission -user “DomainUsername” -ExtendedRights Receive-As, Send-As
Note that this command assumes you have setup exmerge account on the domain and will be using it for exmerge operations.

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