Use Outlook 2007 to add members to a Distribution List

occasionally, customers request that we create distribution lists.
Note:if outlook is in cache mode, customer won’t see DL immediately. If in online mode, the DL is visible immediately.
To do so, you will need to find out who the DL owner is.
Phase 1
use Exchange mgmt console to create the DL.
After creation, right click the DL, properties, Group information tab
Check managed by and choose the username(owner)
Click ok to save
phase 2 
While in Outlook 2007,
Go to Tools, Address book
Type name of the distribution group in the bar and click on Go button
Right click on the group, Click on properties
The owner of the DL is displayed on the left. Only this owner and exchange administrator can add members to this DL
Click on modify members and Add members
Click Ok, Apply and Ok

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