Working with disconnected mailboxes

Working with disconnected mailboxes
Deleted mailboxes will appear in disconnected mailbox list, but it will not reflect immediately. Typically,You have to wait for online maintenance to run and complete.

If you accidentally delete a mailbox, you will not be able to find it in Disconnected Mailbox immediately. You have to  run Clean-MailboxDatabase to get the deleted mailbox. * If it is not appearing in the disconnected mailbox view run one of the following commands from powershell
To Clean Database of Individual Store, run
Clean-MailboxDatabase servernameSGNameStore
To clean all databases on a specific server
Get-Mailboxdatabase | Where{ $_.Server –eq “servername”}| clean-MailboxDatabase
 To Clean all the database in the Organization 
Get-Mailboxdatabase | Clean-MailboxDatabase
To Clean all the database on a specific server
Get-Mailboxdatabase | Where{ $_.Server –eq “servername”}| clean-MailboxDatabase
To Clean all the Database which matches the specific name given in Databasename
Get-Mailboxdaatabase | Where{ $_.Name –eq “<DatabaseName>”}| clean-MailboxDatabase
To find Disconnected mailboxes on a particular server:
Get-MailboxStatistics -Server servername | where { $_.DisconnectDate -ne $null } | select DisplayName,DisconnectDate
To connect a user id to a disconnected mailbox:
Connect-mailbox –database <mailbox database name> –Identity <disconnected mailbox name> –User <User to connect to>

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