Remove role entry from a role–RBAC

​Remove role entry from a role–RBAC
For eg, to remove set-casmailbox role entry from mail recipient role, you can follow these steps:
scenario: user wants to remove set-casmailbox role entry  from mail recipient role associated to a rolegroup called airwatch which has org client access, recipient policies and mail recipient roles
1. step 1
New-ManagementRole -name “Airwatch-Mail-Recipient-No-CASMailbox” -Parent “Mail Recipients”
2. Step 2
Get-ManagementRoleEntry “Airwatch-Mail-Recipient-No-Casmailbox*” | ?{$ -like “set-casmai
lbox”} | remove-managementroleentry -confirm:$false
3. Step 3
Add the new management role to existing role group. you can use the console to do this

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