Creating Exchange Databases and creating Database Copies in Exchange Powershell

Task: To create Exchange DB’s and DB Copies, follow the following powershell commands below. Note everything with this highlight will need your adjusting.

Create the DB:
New-MailboxDatabase dbname -Server servername -LogFolderPath C:dbfolderLogs -EDBFilePath C:dbfolderDBdbname.edb 
Mount the DB:
Mount-Database dbname 
Add the DB Copies to other DAG members:
Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy dbname -MailboxServer PassiveServerName -ActivationPreference 2 
Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy dbname -MailboxServer PassiveServerName -ActivationPreference 3 
Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy dbname -MailboxServer PassiveServerName -ActivationPreference 4 

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