Display date on Outlook items in Drafts Folder

​If you need to see the date items were added to the drafts folder, you will need to use a custom view and add modified date field to the view and sort by it
The default view uses sent date field, whcih is blank and displayed as none, because the message hasn’t been sent yet.
So follow these steps to add modified date to othe view
  1. Right click on the row of field names at the top of the message list, were it reads “Arrange By: Date”
  2. Choose View Settings (Outlook 2010) or Custom (Outlook 2007 and older)
  3. Click the Columns (or Fields) button to open the Show Columns dialog
  4. Select date/Time fields from the “Select available columns from” menu
  5. Click on modified and Add to add it to the view then close the dialog
  6. Click on modified column to sort by modified date

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