Working with Recoverable Items Folder

​The Recoverable Items folder (known in earlier versions of Exchange as the dumpster) exists to protect from accidental or malicious deletions and to facilitate discovery efforts commonly undertaken before or during litigation or investigations
To retrieve the following quota settings:
* RecoverableItemsQuota
◦ RecoverableItemsWarningQuota
◦ ProhibitSendQuota
◦ ProhibitSendReceiveQuota
◦ UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults
◦ RetainDeletedItemsFor
◦ UseDatabaseRetentionDefaults
use this one liner:
Get-Mailbox “testmbox” | Format-List RecoverableItemsQuota, RecoverableItemsWarningQuota, ProhibitSendQuota, ProhibitSendReceiveQuota, UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults, RetainDeletedItemsFor, UseDatabaseRetentionDefaults
2.To retrieve the current size of the Recoverable items folder:
Get-MailboxFolderStatistics “testmbox” -FolderScope RecoverableItems | Format-List Name,FolderAndSubfolderSize
please note that quota for recoverable items folder can be raised.The default is 30GB
To make sure no items are deleted from the Recoverable Items folder, increase the Recoverable Items quota. You can also increase the Recoverable Items warning quota, and set the deleted item retention period to a value higher than the current size of the user’s Recoverable Items folder. This is particularly important for preserving messages for mailboxes placed on In-Place Hold or litigation hold. It’s recommended to raise these settings to twice their current size.
3. Increase recoverable items quota
Set-Mailbox “testmbox” -RecoverableItemsQuota 80Gb -RecoverableItemsWarningQuota 80Gb -RetainDeletedItemsFor 3650 -ProhibitSendQuota 80Gb -ProhibitSendRecieveQuota 80Gb -UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults $false -UseDatabaseRetentionDefaults $false
4. This example retrieves the size of the Recoverable Items folder and its subfolders and an item count in the folder and each subfolder.
Get-MailboxFolderStatistics -Identity “Mickey Mouse” -FolderScope RecoverableItems | Format-Table Name,FolderAndSubfolderSize,ItemsInFolderAndSubfolders -Auto

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