Exchange Activesync Monitor for Specific Devices

Scenario:  Monitor specific ActiveSync Devices and report when a device has not made a successful ActiveSync connection for over an hour.  Report the time in local time and not Greenwich.  

Script: I ran the following Exchange PS script every hour . Depending on your requirements, you may need to manipulate or move the script around.

#Format Date to Greenwich
$currentdate = get-date
$currentdate = $currentdate.Addhours(-1)
$currentdate = $currentdate.touniversaltime()

#Pull the devices that have not connected to LastSuccessSync in over an hour
$devices = get-activesyncdevicestatistics DeviceID  | Where {$_.LastSuccessSync -lt $currentdate} | Sort LastSuccessSync | Select DeviceID, DeviceOS, deviceFriendlyName, LastSuccessSync, LastSyncAttemptTime, DeviceModel, Identity

#For the device(s) found, format the information
ForEach ($entry in $devices){
$Device = “Device: “+$entry.DeviceFriendlyName
$DeviceOS = “Device OS:   “+$entry.DeviceOS
$DeviceLastAttempt = “Last Sync Attempt (EST):   “+$entry.LastSyncAttemptTime.ToLocalTime()
$DeviceLastSync = “Last Success Sync (EST):   “+$entry.LastSuccessSync.ToLocalTime()
$DeviceModel = “Device Model:   “+$entry.DeviceModel
$DeviceIdentity = “DeviceID:   “+$entry.Identity
$DeviceIdentity = $DeviceIdentity -replace “Domain/OU/”,””
$DeviceIdentity = $DeviceIdentity -replace “/ExchangeActiveSyncDevices/”,”_”

#Email the results if there is a device that has not reported in over 1 hour.
If ($Devices -ne $null){
$SmtpClient = new-object 
$MailMessage = New-Object 
$SmtpClient.Host = “” 
$mailmessage.from = (“”) 
$mailmessage.Subject = “Alert: A mobile device has not connected to e-mail in over 60 minutes.”
$mailmessage.Body = “The mobile device below has not connected to e-mail in over 60 minutes.



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