Check for hotfix on multiple computers

Create file c:server_list.txt with a list of the servers to check.
In powershell scripts below: Replace $Patch variable KB2982791with the hotfix your looking for.

2 Files will be created on your desktop.

Run the following from powershell
$computers = cat C:server_list.txt
$Patch = “KB2982791”
foreach ($computer in $computers)  
if (get-hotfix -id $Patch -ComputerName $computer -ErrorAction 0)  
Add-content “Hotfix is Present in $computer” -path “$env:USERPROFILEDesktopHotfix-Present.log” 
Add-content “Hotfix is not Present in $computer” -path “$env:USERPROFILEDesktopMissing-Hotfix.log”   



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