Install and Configure PowerShell Web Access

Here are the steps I took to configure PowerShell Web Access. These commands are being ran from an elevated PowerShell Prompt on the server WebSvr1.TestDomain.Com.

1. Install the Windows PowerShell Web Access Feature. Run the following command:  Install-WindowsFeature –Name WindowsPowerShellWebAccess –IncludeManagementTools

2. Configure the PSWA Gateway. Run the following command:  Install-PSWAWebApplication.  

If you do not have a certificate for the default site configured, you can use the -UseTestCertificate switch, else it will use the certificate already configured.  You should be able to access the url now: https://WebSvr1.TestDomain.Com/pswa  but you will not be able to login until the next step is completed.

3.Configure the PSWA authorization rules.  Run the following command:      Add-PSWAAuthorizationRule –UserGroupName TestDomainExAdmins –ComputerName WebSvr1.TestDomain.Com –ConfigurationName *

This command is allowing the ExAdmin group members to authenticate with PowerShell Web Access to the server Now you can authenticate on the PSWA webpage.  Alternatively, you can use these switches with the Add-PSWAAuthorizationRule to add to your rule(s):

4. Now you can successfully navigate to https://WebSvr1.TestDomain.Com/PSWA and run powershell.

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