Integrate Exchange 2013 OWA and LYNC

Scenario:  Integrate Exchange 2013 OWA and LYNC together. The steps are from the Exchange perspective


1. Configure Partner Applications with Exchange and Lync:

“C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15ScriptsConfigure-EnterprisePartnerApplication.ps1 -AuthMetaDataUrl ‘’ -ApplicationType Lync”

2.  Configure OWA Virtual Directories to enable Instant Messaging and to assign OCS as the Instant Messaging Type. Note: InstantMesaging should be enabled but the InstantMessagingType is set to none by default.

Get-OwaVirtualDirectory | Set-OwaVirtualDirectory -InstantMessagingEnabled $True -InstantMessagingType OCS

3.  Copy the Thumbprint of the Certificate you are using for Exchange  by running:

Get-ExchangeCertificate -server Srv2013CM1

4. Add the 2 keys under the <appsettings> section of the web.config file located on C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15ClientAccessOWA for each of the backend servers.

<add key=”IMCertificateThumbprint” value=”EA5A332496CC05DA69B75B66111C0F78A110D22d”/><add key=”IMServerName” value=””/>

5. Recycle the MSExchangeOWAAppPool:

C:WindowsSystem32InetsrvAppcmd.exe recycle apppool /”MSExchangeOWAAppPool”


If you use Outlook Web App Policies:

You will have to enable  InstantMessaging and set the InstantMessagingType to OCS. By default, policies are not assigned to any user. Therefore any user will use the settings of the OWA Virtual Directory.  OWA Policies override the settings set on the virtual directories.

Get-OwaMailboxPolicy | Set-OwaMailboxPolicy -InstantMessagingEnabled $True -InstantMessagingType “OCS”


More instruction can be found here.


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