Exchange 2013 Connect mailbox

Exchange 2013 this cmdlet no longer exists but the same problem persists: disconnected mailboxes are not visible immediately after being removed or disabled…. Clean-MailboxDatabase has been replaced by Update-StoreMailboxState, which forces the mailbox store state in the Exchange store to be synchronized with Active Directory.

Its syntax is as follows:

Update-StoreMailboxState -Database “DatabaseIdParameter” -Identity “StoreMailboxIdParameter” [-Confirm [SwitchParameter]] [-WhatIf [SwitchParameter]]

Both the –Database and –Identity parameters are required, meaning we need to know the identity of the mailbox (mailbox GUID) that we want to update the store state for. To do so, we can run the following cmdlet for example:

Get-MailboxDatabase | Get-MailboxStatistics | Format-List DisplayName, MailboxGuid, Database, DisconnectReason, DisconnectDate

Once we know the mailbox’s GUID and in which database it was located, we can update its mailbox state by running:

Update-StoreMailboxState -Database “db_name” -Identity “mailbox_guid”

If we want to update the mailbox state for all mailboxes on a particular database, we can adapt the cmdlet to:

Get-MailboxStatistics -Database “db_name” | ForEach {Update-StoreMailboxState -Database $_.Database -Identity $_.MailboxGuid -Confirm:$False}

Finally, if we want to just update the mailbox state for all disconnected mailboxes on a particular database:

Get-MailboxStatistics -Database “db_name” | Where {$_.DisconnectReason -ne $null } | ForEach { Update-StoreMailboxState -Database $_.Database -Identity $_.MailboxGuid -Confirm:$False}



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