Check Job ID for CommVault Stub

Scenario:  A user cannot retrieve their CommVault Stubs via the CommVault Outlook Add-in.  After a server-side full restore of our CommVault Archives a while ago, we know we are missing data from specific time frames as not all the tapes could be restored from.  For due diligence, we need to prove that this stub is no longer associated with a Job ID that CommVault can no longer restore.


Determine the Job Information of the Stub:

  1. Logon to the Mailbox via MFCMapi.
  2. Drill down to the Message location (Top Of Information Store –> Inbox) and double click on the Message to open all associated properties for that single Message.
  3. Search for the tag that has a Value of CVStub_…
  4. The Value looks similar to this:CVSTUB_V1 -af 1011154:53:1383788 -of 20284970131 -at 1243361094 -cn 1011154 -es ExCVSrv1
    • 1383788 is the JOB ID we will need to perform a SQL Query with.
    • 1243361094 is the Unix Time Stamp for when the job was ran.
    • ExCVSrv1 is the server it was ran against.

Run the SQL Query against the CommCell Database:

  1. Run this command:   Select jobId from archchunkmapping where archfileid = 1383788
  2. If the result comes back null, it means that the CommVault Database no longer has a record for it and the data is no longer retreiveable.



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