Add a IP Address to the RemoteIPRanges of an existing Receive Connector

Scenario:  Your Exchange 2013 Servers Receive Connector already has multiple values assigned to it.  Because its a multi-valued field,  you cannot easily add a single IP address to it without overwriting the contents of the field using a command similar to: set-receiveconnector -remoteipranges

Solution: In order to add a IP address to an existing set of RemoteIPRanges for a receiveconnector, run the following:

$RC = Get-ReceiveConnector "Ex2013-1Default FrontEnd Ex2013-1"

$RC.RemoteIPRanges += ""

Set-ReceiveConnector "Ex2013-1Default FrontEnd Ex2013-1" -RemoteIPRanges $RC.RemoteIPRanges



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