Message Tracking to find the first hop into Exchange 2013

Scenario: You have added new Exchange 2013 servers to your existing Exchange 2013 environment and you just configured your perimeter devices to route SMTP email to the new servers in addition to the old servers.  You want to gather a log of emails to review to make sure no issues are occurring, but you first need to trace down which emails are coming into the new Exchange 2013 servers so you can trace those emails down until they are delivered into the mailbox.

Determine the IP address or the DNS host name of your perimeter devices and run the command below.  We will use the IP as the perimeter system delivering email into the new Exchange 2013 servers.


Get-transportserver NewServerName | Get-messagetrackinglog -start “7/7/2015 9:00am” -eventID Receive | Where EventData -like “**”

Note: The event data will display the term “firstforesthop” and the proxied connection info (Info of the Perimeter Devices). The term ‘FirstForestHop’  wasn’t a good way for us to rely on a query as we have had a mix of Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013.  When it entered into Exchange 2013, it would have ‘FirstForestHop’ listed in the event data even if it wasn’t really the first forest hop as it came in from Exchange 2010.  But it did have the Perimeter device info in which did provide successful queries.



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