Compare 2 powershell variable arrays and show values that do not match.

Scenario:  When performing a migration, we noticed a discrepancy in the  count of users that are in a distribution group compared to the count of users that have move requests (the move requests  were originally generated from that distribution group).  We have to determine which mailboxes are missing.

Resolution: Here is a quick way of comparing those 2 lists:

1. Pull the Distribution Group Members into a Variable:

$1 = Get-DistributionGroupMember Migration_710 | Select Alias

2. Pull the Move Requests that were batch into a second Variable:

$2 = Get-MoveRequest -batchname Migration_710 | Select Alias

3. Export both of those Aliases into a CSV file:

$1 | export-csv C:1.csv

$2 | export-csv C:2.csv

4. Import those csv back into new variables :

$file1 = Import-csv C:1.csv

$file2 = Import-csv C:2.csv

5. Compare the lists by running the following command.  The output should be the missing objects.

compare-object $file1 $file2


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