Disconnect RDP sessions via PowerShell

Scenario:  You are about to start maintenance on your servers and you want to remove any existing RDP session whether active of disconnected.  You want a quick way of doing this on all of your Exchange servers.

Solution:  Download the PSTerminalServices module from: https://psterminalservices.codeplex.com

Once download and installed, copy the PSTerminalServices folder from the install path into C:windowssystem32WindowsPowerShellv1.0.  Then run the following script in Exchange Powershell:

#Imports Terminal Services module
import-module psTerminalServices 

#Collect each Exchange Server in a variable
$Servers = Get-exchangeserver Ex2013*

#Now loop it to remove any existing TS Session.
$servers | %{
$Sessions = get-tssession -computername $_.name | where {($_.useraccount -like "domainname*")}
$sessions | %{Stop-TSSession $_.sessionid -force}




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