Script to Create Database and Database Copies

Scenario:  You would like to create Databases and Database Copies via a script. For each database, you want to set the Quotas for Send, Send/Receive, and Warning to unlimited as well.


Create a db.csv file with the following column headers: DB,1,2,3,4.  In that CSV File, put the name of the DB in the DB column, and each server in its numerical location based on Activation Preference:


Then run the script:

#Import the CSV File into a Variable
$DBs = Import-CSV C:tempDb.csv

#Loop the Variable
$DBs | %{
#Declare variables for each column
$n = $_.DB
$1 = $_.1
$2 = $_.2
$3 = $_.3
$4 = $_.4

#Create the DB
Write-Host "Creating $n"
New-MailboxDatabase $n -EDBFilePath C:$nDB$n.edb -LogFolderPath C:$nLogs -Server $1 

#Wait for replication
Write-Host "Sleeping 3 minutes for replication"
Sleep 180

#Mount the Database
Write-Host "Mounting $n"
Mount-Database $n

#Wait for additional replication
Write-Host "Sleeping 3 minutes for replication"
Sleep 180

#Setting the DB Quotas
Write-Host "Setting DB Quotas to unlimited"
Set-MailboxDatabase $n -ProhibitSendReceiveQuota Unlimited -ProhibitSendQuota Unlimited -IssueWarningQuota Unlimited

#Create the additional Database Copies
Write-Host "Creating ActivationPreference2 for $n"
Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy $n -MailboxServer $2 -ActivationPreference 2
Write-Host "Creating ActivationPreference3 for $n"
Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy $n -MailboxServer $3 -ActivationPreference 3
Write-Host "Creating ActivationPreference4 for $n"
Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy $n -MailboxServer $4 -ActivationPreference 4






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