Powershell Data Formatting

Scenario:  You have collected information into a variable, and you want to run different formatting commands against that variable to performs tasks such as Sorting, Grouping, Selecting, Ect.

Don’t forget the Pipe!    $final | Sort name

Example of the command you ran:

$final = get-mailboximportrequest -batchname ‘502’

#To display all properties:

$final | FL        #List Style  
$final | Select *  #Table or List Style
$final | FT        # Table Style

#Sorting based on  a property:

$final | Sort Identity   #Ascending Order

$final | Sort Identity -Descending #Descending Order

$final | Sort -unique  # Sorts Unique Values

#Grouping  based on a property

$final | Group RequestQueue   #Provides a Count of number of objects in array based on the value of the RequestQueue.

$final | Group Request Queue | Sort Count #Same as command above by sorts by the count of the value of the Request Queue

# Where statements: Filter your variable based on a Property Value with

$final | Where Status -ne Completed

$final | Where {$_.Status -ne "Completed"}

$final | Where Status -like "*Failed*"

$final | Where WhenCreated -gt "5/3/2016 2:00:00 PM"

#common conditions: 
-eq      equals
-ne      not equals
-gt      greater than
-ge      greater than or equal
-lt      less than
-le      less than or equal
-like    Contains
-notlike Does not contain

#Rename a Property

$final | Select Identity, @{Name="Database";Expression={$_.RequestQueue} #this will display the request queue as the headername of Database.




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