Install Windows Updates and Hotfixes from Command Line

Scenario:  You have a lot of Windows Updates and Hotfixes that you need to install manually.  You want to do the following:

  1. Script the install
  2. Do not restart the server after the update is installed — (so you can manually restart it when you are ready)


Download the updates to a folder and copy that folder to the servers requiring the update.

#Collect your Servers into a variable
$Servers = Get-exchangeserver ex*

#Create an folder to copy your updates to
$ | %{ MD \$_c$updatesCluster_Updates }

#Copy your updates to that new folder
$ | %{ Copy-item "C:Cluster_updates*.msu" "\$_c$updatesCluster_updates"

Install the updates on each server by running the following command from an elevated command prompt:


To verify the updates are installed on each one of your servers, run the following PowerShell commandlet:

$ | %{ get-hotfix -computername $_ | Where InstalledOn -gt 2/5/2017}





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