Set the Paging File Size for all Exchange Servers remotely via PowerShell

Scenario:  You want a script to set the Paging File Size to 32GB on multiple servers remotely.

Solution:  Run this script from a computer that has the ActiveDirectory Module for PowerShell installed.

#Query AD for your Servers
Import-Module ActiveDirectory
$strOU = "OU=Exchange2016,DC=XYZ,DC=COM"
$servers = get-adcomputer -searchbase $strOU -properties Name -Filter *|  where {$ -like "Ex16-*"} | Select -ExpandProperty Name

#Loop through all Exchange Servers and set the Custom Paging size to 32GB 
$servers | Sort Name | %{"Setting Page File Size on $_"; Invoke-Command -Computer $_ -ScriptBlock {
[int]$InitialSize = 32778
[int]$MaximumSize = 32778
$ComputerSystem = $null
$CurrentPageFile = $null
$modify = $false
$ComputerSystem = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_ComputerSystem -EnableAllPrivileges
if ($ComputerSystem.AutomaticManagedPagefile) {$ComputerSystem.AutomaticManagedPagefile = $false; $ComputerSystem.Put()}
$CurrentPageFile = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_PageFileSetting
if ($CurrentPageFile.InitialSize -ne $InitialSize) {$CurrentPageFile.InitialSize = $InitialSize;$modify = $true}
if ($CurrentPageFile.MaximumSize -ne $MaximumSize) {$CurrentPageFile.MaximumSize = $MaximumSize;$modify = $true}
if ($modify) { $CurrentPageFile.Put()}

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