Cleanup Mobile Devices older than 180 Days

Scenario:  You want a script that will remove all mobile devices older than 180 days.  You also want to report the CAS Mailboxes that have a mobile device partnership and the list of mobile devices removed.


Here are the commands broken down by output type:

#Collect CasMailboxes with Mobile Devices
$cas = Get-CASMailbox -ResultSize unlimited –Filter {(HasActiveSyncDevicePartnership -eq $true)} | Select -expandproperty Identity

#Export a List of Cas Mailboxes
$cas | Sort | Export-csv C:tempCASmailbox.csv 

#Collect devices older than 180 days old
$device = @()
$cas | sort | %{
"Checking $_" 
$device += Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Mailbox $_ | Where-Object {$_.LastSuccessSync -le ((Get-Date).AddDays(“-180”))} 

#Export-csv Stale Devices
$Device | Export-csv C:tempStaleDevices.csv

#Remove Mobile Devices
$Device | Remove-mobiledevice -confirm:$false








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