Excel Vlookup: Add a Value from a different column when finding matched content in Excel

Scenario:  Lets say you have two different tables of data in Excel.  You want to not only compare the values, but also bring over additional values from different columns if there is a match.

Example:  Lets say you have the following Excel data on Sheet1; Names in Column A and a Numerical Value in Column B.

1|A    | B
2|Steve| 1
3|Pat  | 4
4|Tom  | 3

And on Sheet2, you want to Compare the name values in the A column on Sheet1 with the name values on Sheet2.  If there is a match, you want to fill in the B column on Sheet2 with the numerical value from the B column on Sheet1.

1|A    | B
2|Steve| ?
3|Pat  | ?
4|Tom  | ?

Solution:  In cell B2 on Sheet2, use VLOOKUP:

=vlookup(A2, Sheet1!$A$1:$B$4, 2, False)

The Arguments for the vlookup are broken like this:

A2 =  The value you want to compare on Sheet2
Sheet1!$A$1:$B$4    =    The range you want to compare the value to
 2 =  The Column index for which value should be returned based on a Match
False = Find an Exact Match

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