Remove an orphaned MSExchDelegateListBL (autodiscover) entry

Scenario:  A user no longer has fullaccess to a shared mailbox BUT the shared mailbox still attempts to reconnect via Autodiscover in the Outlook profile.

Solution: The following scriptlets will detect the autodiscover links associated with the problem mailbox and attempt to remove them.  Note, you can remove all backlinks, or specific backlinks.

  $u = "Steve"
  $u_DN = Get-ADUser $u | select -ExpandProperty DistinguishedName
  $d = Get-ADUser $u -Properties msExchDelegateListBL |  select msExchDelegateListBL
  #To remove all backLinks
  $d.msexchdelegatelistBL | %{Set-ADUser $_ -Remove @{msExchDelegateListLink = "$u_dn"}}
  #To Remove specific BackLinks
  $d | Where msexchdelegatelistBL -like "*$SharedMailboxToRemove*" | Select -ExpandProperty msexchdelegatelistBL | %{Set-ADUser $_ -Remove @{msExchDelegateListLink = "$u_dn"}}

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