Collect more than 1000 Results in a Exchange Online Message Trace

Scenario: Recently I was attempting to perform a Message Trace in Exchange Online for a message that went out to 7000+ recipients but realized I could only pull back 1000 results.

Solution:  I used Page and PageSize with the Get-MessageTrace in a loop to pull back more results

 #Collect more than 1000 results in Exchange Online
$P = 1
$messages = $null

    Write-Host “Message Trace – Page $P…” 
    $temp_Messages = Get-MessageTrace -senderaddress -startdate 8/14/2019 -enddate 8/15/2019 -PageSize 1000 -Page $P
    $Messages += $temp_Messages 
}until ($temp_Messages -eq $null)

#display messages





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