Run Get-ADUser by pulling the WindowsLiveID from the Exchange Online Mailbox

Scenario: You need to pull in additional AD properties for users with Exchange Online mailboxes that are only available when running the Get-ADUser command because they are not included in the AD Sync to Microsoft Online/Azure.


Declare Variables:

$mbx = Get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited

$ADUserData = @()

$c=0 #Just for a counter

Run the Loop:

$mbx | Where WindowsLiveID -ne “” | Sort | %{

$c++ #Increase the Counter

$upn = $_.windowsliveid #Create the UPN based off windowsliveid

$f = “Userprincipalname -eq ‘$upn'” #Create a Filter for get-aduser

“$c – $f ” #Display on PS Screen

$ADuserData += get-aduser -filter $f -properties * #Fill in $userData with Get-Aduser Data



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