DeviceAccessState: Blocked DeviceAccessStateReason: CommandFrequency

Scenario: After a migration to Exchange Online, multiple mobile devices for a single user were receiving an error similar to: Cannot Get Mail – The connection to the server failed. When running this command: Get-mobiledevicestatistics -mailbox <user> | Select DeviceType, DeviceAccessState,LastSuccessSync we found that the device was blocked due to Command Frequency.

What was happening: It appears that Microsoft was throttling all ActiveSync requests to the server for this specific migrated mailbox. After reviewing and monitoring, the device would unblock itself and continue to successfully sync. The theory is that there were multiple devices attempting to synchronize the mailbox data at the exact same time. Plus the administrator was clicking in and out of folders on the mobile device during the initial sync.

Scriptlet: We were monitoring the mobile device status for the mailbox using a command similar to this:

Do{$d = get-date;
$d = $d.tostring();”
Checking devices at :$d
Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Mailbox usera | Where deviceuseragent -like Apple*|Select DeviceType,DeviceAccessState,lastsucce*;
sleep 15;}While($c -ne 10101)


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