Determine if “Delay Delivery” was used for a message sent

Scenario: You want to determine if a message that you received was sent using “Delay delivery”

Indicators: Below are some indicators to determine if the message was sent using Delay Delivery:

Message Header: (located on any message received by the sender)
Deferred-Delivery – Check for t his property in the Message Header similar to Deferred-Delivery: Mon, 4 Jan 2021 15:36:00 +0000

Email Item Properties: (located only on the sender’s email item located in the sent items)

Outlook Column View: Defer Until, Received, and Sent

MFCMAPI: PR_Message_Delivery_Time, PR_Deferred_Delievery_Time, PR_Deferred_Send_Time

Note: The properties of the test message above show that the message was created at 10:34am EST but delayed delivery until 10:36am EST.


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