Recursive Search for AD Group Members

Scenario: You need to perform a search for membership of AD Groups, including nested membership, for specific AD Groups


Function Get-GroupMembers {

    $objects = @()
    $members = @()
If($Layer -eq $Null){$layer = 1}else{$layer = $layer + 1}

    get-ADGroup $GroupName  -Properties *|select -ExpandProperty members | %{$Members += Get-ADObject -Filter {Distinguishedname -eq $_} | Select Name, ObjectClass, DistinguishedName}
    If($OriginalGroup -eq $Null){$OriginalGroup = $groupname}

   foreach ($member in $members) {

          if ($member.objectClass -eq "group") {
                 $objects += Get-GroupMembers -GroupName $member.distinguishedname

            $obj = new-object psObject
            $obj | Add-Member -membertype noteproperty -Name Group -Value $OriginalGroup
            $obj | Add-Member -MemberType noteproperty -Name Layer -Value $layer
            $obj | Add-Member -membertype noteproperty -Name ObjectClass -Value $member.objectclass
            $obj | Add-Member -MemberType noteproperty -Name Name -Value $
            $obj | Add-Member -membertype noteproperty -Name NameDN -Value $groupname

            $objects = $objects += $obj

   } # foreach

   return $objects

Results: Run the following in Powershell after copying the function from above: Get-groupmembers -groupname “EmailAdmins”


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