Another DoWhile Loop method for performing an action on large datasets in smaller subsets

Scenario: You have a large data set, maybe a large amount of mailboxes, and you need to set the RoleAssignmentPolicy to a policy that does not allow email forwarding.


Collect Mailboxes

$mbx = get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited | where RoleAssignmentPolicy -ne PolicyWithNoEmailForward

Create DoWhile Variables

$start = 0
$inc = 10
$end = $inc
$totalCount = $mbx.count

Loop It

“Running on $start..$end out of $totalCount”
$mbx[$start..$end] | Set-mailbox -RoleAssignmentPolicy PolicyWithNoEmailForward
$start = $start + $inc
$end = $end + $inc
}While($start -le $totalCount)


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