Prioritizing Move Requests in Exchange

Scenario:  You want to submit a move request with a higher priority over other pending move requests that are currently queued.  

Solution:  In Exchange Powershell, submit the move request with the -priority parameter.  The accepted values of the parameter are below.
Example:  New-moverequest jdoe1 -targetdatabase DB04 -priority High.
Accepted Values for -Priority Parameter:
Exchange 2010 SP2:  normal,high
Exchange 2013:  lowest, low, normal, high, highest
1. By Default, all move requests have a Normal Priority.  
2. MRS will not respect an altered priority unless a move request is halted with the Suspend-MoveRequest cmdlet and then resumed with the Resume-MoveRequest cmdlet.
3. MRS does not halt processing normal-priority move requests when a high-priority mailbox move is initiated. The only time when priority is used is when MRS selects the next move request to process.
4. When MRS looks for new move requests that are waiting to be processed, it first sorts the requests by priority and then by LastUpdatedTimeStamp (a field indicating the last time that the move request was processed by MRS). High priority move requests are therefore selected by MRS before normal-priority move requests. The request priority is included in the msExchMailboxMoveFlags attribute.

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