Updating Outlook 2013 even though the updates are not listed Windows Update

Scenario:  There are known updates for Outlook 2013 available, but are not listed in your Windows Update to download and install.  The option in Windows Update “Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows” is checked OR is not available.


1. Determine which installed Office 2013 group you use:
a. Office 2013 installed through the new “Click to Run” method
b. Office 2013 installed from a disk / by running the MSI installer

To identify which one of them you are using, simply open Outlook 2013, go to File -> Office Account and look under the Product Information area: if there is an “Update Options” button, then you have the “Click to run” Office 2013 version.

2. Update Outlook 2013:
a. Office 2013 installed by Click to Run:  Go to File–>Office Account–> Update Options.  Click Apply Updates.
b. Office 2013 installed by disk/msi:  Download and run Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT). Click on “Start a scan” -> select Outlook -> type any name you want in the label section and click on “Start scanning”. Not only that the OffCAT tool will search for updates and fixes on your Outlook 2013 installation, but it will also scan your Outlook installation for other potential issues, as you can see on the OffCAT. To update Outlook 2013, simply navigate to All Issues –> Office Update: Installed Updates (Or look for relevant labels for updates) –> Expand “You do not have the most recent files for Outlook 2013″, then click on the “see possible solutions to this issue” link: it will open a new browser window with ALL your missing Outlook updates and their download links.



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