No results display for Exchange Databases in EAC under Servers-Databases, New Mailbox Requests, and New Move Requests

Scenario:  In EAC, you notice that no databases are being displayed under Servers–>Databases. You also notice when adding a mailbox or moving an existing mailbox, no databases are being displayed there either to select.

Solution:  When attempting to open and select a database from the mailbox move request,  the error below was displayed before it returned no results.

Error:  The Exchange server for the database object “Mailbox Database 0348382938490” wasn’t found in Active Directory Domain Services.  The object may be corrupted.

The database referenced was removed from Exchange, but still exists in ADSI Edit. Remove the database in ADSI Edit:

1. Open ADSI Edit in Configuration and navigate to:
-Microsoft Exchange
-<Exchange Enterprise Name>
-Administrative Groups
-Exchange Administrative Group

2. Find that database, and delete it.


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