Checking Digital Signatures of a specific file against multiple servers

Scenario:  The other day an article was written by ARS Technica on a mail server attack that steals massive number of passwords. One of the symptoms is finding an unsigned OWAAuth.DLL and in some cases the file was located in a different directory.

Solution: Here is a quick way to check all of your Exchange servers to make sure all of your OWAAUTH.DLL files are signed and in the correct path:

#Build your Servers Variable
$Servers = Get-exchangeserver
#Build your Auth Variable
$Auth = $Servers |  %{Get-childitem -path "\$_c$program filesMicrosoftExchange Serverv15" -filter owaauth.dll -recurse | Get-authenticodeSignature}
#Export your Auth Variable to read it in Excel
$Auth | Export-csv C:tempAuth.csv



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