Script to Recreate Exchange Databases

Scenario:  You want to recreate an Exchange Database in order to reclaim the Windows space that the database was utilizing.  You have already moved all mailboxes off of the database.

 Script: This script performs the following:

  • Checks to make sure no mailboxes reside on the database
  • Removes All Database Copies
  • Removes the Databases from the folder directories ( You may have to edit this)
  • Creates the Database and sets the quotas to unlimited
  • Creates the Database Copies
  • Resolves any errors if the database copies are not healthy.
#Set DB Variable
$DB = "DB01"

#Sets ADServerSettings to see all Arbiratrion mailboxes
Set-ADServerSettings -ViewEntireForest $true

#Check for any mailboxes on the database
$1 = (get-mailbox -database $DB).count
$1 += (get-mailbox -database $DB -arbitration).count
$1 += (Get-mailbox -database $DB -archive).count
$1 += (Get-mailbox -database $DB -publicfolder).count
If ($1 -gt 0){
"Mailboxes still exist on this database. Please remove all mailboxes and run this script again."
"Starting the Database Recreation Process"
"Determining Activation Preference"

#Gathers the Copies
$AP = Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus $DB  | Sort ActivationPreference | Select -expandproperty Mailboxserver
$firstServer = $AP | Select -first 1
$OthServers = Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus $DB | Where ActivationPreference -ne 1 | Sort ActivationPreference | Select -ExpandProperty MailboxServer
Write-Host "The Database is hosted on these 4 copies:  $AP"

#Remove all Mailbox Database copies from each server
Write-Host "Removing Database Copies"
get-mailboxdatabasecopystatus $DB | Where status -notlike *Mount* | Remove-mailboxdatabasecopy -confirm:$false 
remove-mailboxdatabase $DB -confirm:$false 

Write-Host "Sleeping 10 minutes for all processes to become unlocked"
Sleep 600
Write-Host "Deleting Folder structure on all copies"

#Delete Folder Structure
$AP | %{Remove-Item \$_c$$DBDB -force -recurse }
$AP | %{Remove-Item \$_c$$DBLogs -force -recurse }

#Create the DB
Write-Host "Creating $db"
New-MailboxDatabase $db -EDBFilePath C:$dbDB$db.edb -LogFolderPath C:$dbLogs -Server $firstserver 

#Wait for replication
Write-Host "Sleeping 3 minutes for replication"
Sleep 180

#Mount the Database
Write-Host "Mounting $db"
Mount-Database $db

#Wait for additional replication
Write-Host "Sleeping 3 minutes for replication"
Sleep 180

#Setting the DB Quotas
Write-Host "Setting DB Quotas to unlimited"
Set-MailboxDatabase $db -ProhibitSendReceiveQuota Unlimited -ProhibitSendQuota Unlimited -IssueWarningQuota Unlimited

#Create the additional Database Copies
$OthServers | %{
Write-Host "Creating DB copy for $DB on $_"
Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy $db -MailboxServer $_ 
#Resumes the DB Copies if they are not currently healthy
get-mailboxdatabasecopystatus $DB | Where status -notlike "Mounted" | Resume-mailboxdatabasecopy



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