PowerShell Script: Combine the Alias and Mailbox Size into a variable and export to a file.

Scenario:  You want a script that will combine the Alias from the get-mailbox command and the Mailbox Size (TotalItemSize and TotalDeletedItemSize) from the get-mailboxstatistics command into a single array variable.  You want to export the Results to a .csv file as well.


$db = get-mailboxdatabase 
$final = @()
$file = "C:tempAlias_Size.csv"

$db | Select -expandproperty Name | Sort | %{
    Write-Host "DBName:  $_ " -ForegroundColor Cyan
    $mbx = Get-mailbox -database $_ -resultsize unlimited
    $mbx | Select -expandpropert alias | Sort | %{
        Write-Host ".......... Pulling Stats for $_" -ForegroundColor Yellow
        $alias = $_
        $size = Get-mailboxstatistics $alias | Select TotalItemSize,TotalDeletedItemSize
        $TIS = $size.TotalItemSize
        $TDIS  = $size.TotalDeletedItemSize
        $ServerObj = New-Object PSObject
        $ServerObj | Add-member NoteProperty -Name "Alias" -Value $alias
        $ServerObj | Add-Member NoteProperty -name "TIS" -Value $TIS
        $ServerObj | Add-Member NoteProperty -name "TDIS" -Value $TDIS
        $final += $ServerObj
$final | Export-csv $file -append



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