Integrating Exchange 2016 Outlook on the Web with Skype/Lync

Scenario:  You want to Integrate Exchange 2016 Outlook on the Web with Skype/Lync.  Run the following:


Gather the following Variables:

$Name = "Skype IM Override"  #Must be Unique
$Pool = "" #Skype/Lync name
$Cert = "575DEE6AB4F7842A0032FEC45CE5021769A997DE" #Thumbprint of cert with IIS settings assigned to it 
$Override = "Configure IM"

Run the following to configure the integration and check your work:

#Add the Setting Override
New-SettingOverride -Name $Name  -Component OwaServer -Section IMSettings -Parameters @("IMServerName=$Pool","IMCertificateThumbprint=$cert") -Reason $override

#Refresh the IM Settings on the Exchange server 
Get-ExchangeDiagnosticInfo -Server esgmtwex16-1 -Process Microsoft.Exchange.Directory.TopologyService -Component VariantConfiguration -Argument Refresh

#Make sure OWAVirtualDirectory is set properly
get-clientaccessserve Exch* | Get-owavirtualdirectory | Set-owavirtualdirectory -instantmessagingtype OCS

#View the Diagnostic Info to confirm the correct settings
[xml]$diag=Get-ExchangeDiagnosticInfo -Server <ServerName> -Process MSExchangeMailboxAssistants -Component VariantConfiguration -Argument "Config,Component=OwaServer"; $diag.Diagnostics.Components.VariantConfiguration.Configuration.OwaServer.IMSettings

#Restart the WebAppPool Restart-WebAppPool MSExchangeOWAAppPool 





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