Clutter Settings are not available to a Exchange Online Mailbox

Scenario: A user wants to get rid of the Clutter functionality for their Mailbox, but does not see the Clutter settings within their Outlook client or Outlook on the Web (aka OWA or whichever name you want to refer to it as since its been rebranded so many times). Typically there are clutter options available to the end user within their client. However Clutter settings will only appear when:

If user currently has Clutter enabled:
-Clutter settings appear

If user currently has Focused Inbox enabled:
-Clutter settings will not appear

If neither Clutter or Focused Inbox is enabled:
-Both Clutter and Focused Inbox appear as options in the user’s Mail Settings

Solution: If disabling the Focused Inbox doesnt allow it to appear, feel free to disable Clutter from the backend by running commands similar to this:

set-clutter -identity steve -enable $False (Or $true to turn it back on)
get-clutter -identity steve | Select IsEnabled


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