Search for all Exchange Online Mailboxes that match a specific sending address pattern

Scenario: You need a scriptlet that will search for all messages in Exchange Online looking for a specific sending email address pattern. Specifically I am looking for any email sent by any impersonating email address that looks like this: I want to filter on the “.com@” pattern.

Scriptlet: Edit the “Configure these Variables” section and copy and paste the remainder of the script below.

#Look for the text pattern “.com@” as the sending addresses

#Configure these Variables
$filter = “.com@”
$start = “1/11/2021 00:00”
$end = “1/11/2021 23:59”
$pageSize = 1000
$P = 1
$messages = @()
$report = @()
$totalRecipients = 0
#End_Configure these Variables#######

#The Loop – no need to edit anything below
#Create Starting Loop Variables
$Loop_start = get-date($start) -format “MM/dd/yyyy HH:00:00”
$Loop_end = get-date($end) -format “MM/dd/yyyy HH:00:00”
$1Hour_end = get-date($Loop_start)
$1Hour_end = $1Hour_end.AddHours(1)
$1Hour_end = get-date($1Hour_end) -format “MM/dd/yyyy HH:00:00”

#Loop through All Messages
Write-Host “Message Trace $Loop_Start : $1Hour_end – Page $P…”
$temp_Messages = Get-MessageTrace -startdate $loop_Start -enddate $1Hour_End -PageSize $pagesize -Page $P
$filtered_messages = $temp_messages | Where SenderAddress -like “$filter
$Messages += $filtered_Messages
}until ($temp_Messages -eq $null)

#recreate new variables
$P = 1
$Loop_Start = $1hour_end
$1Hour_end = get-date($Loop_start)
$1Hour_end = $1Hour_end.AddHours(1)
$1Hour_end = get-date($1Hour_end) -format “MM/dd/yyyy HH:00:00”
}While((get-date($Loop_start)) -lt (Get-date($Loop_End)))

#View the Results


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